Welcome to iTeachnologyâ„¢: online employability and technology training for women. 

This program is designed to help women learn about computer technology, and how to apply that knowledge when looking for careers.

iTeachnologyâ„¢ courses are designed to be used with the help of an instructor or facilitator, but you can also explore the lessons on your own.

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    Available courses

    A customized version of the ICT Foundations course for Tungasuvvingat Inuit.  

    A customized version of the ICT Foundations course, developed for Lanark County interval House. 

    This interactive elearning course is a companion to the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Foundations classroom course. 

    This course presents an overview of current social media and web tools, including how to use Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn and Facebook, and how to create web sites using Wordpress.

    The Exploring New Media program teaches learners how to create visual-based presentations using PowerPoint, and how to add audio and video to those presentations.  The final lesson includes a culminating project where learners build a web site to promote their presentations.

    Welcome to this course, in which we accomplish the following"

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    If you have any questions, contact your instructor at xyz@gmail.com 

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